Custom Nail Polish Color

Do your share! ; )
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Too Easy Not to Do!

A long, long time ago I responded to an offer for a free eyeshadow. The company would send one of three colors, randomly chosen. Although one of the possibilities was a sparkly teal blue I knew I would never ever use, I figured for the cost of a postage stamp, why not. (Postage, you ask? Yep, I told you it was a long time ago!)

Ever the optimist, I also figured I would be sent one of the other, more sensible colors.

Guess which one I got.

The color was so pretty I didn’t want to toss it, but what exactly I would ever use it for was a mystery. Mostly, I forgot about it, and the little round of loose powder remained unopened for all this time.

Until the other day when something I can’t even recall gave me the idea to try adding some of it to clear nail polish.


Just to test it out, I used a tiny metal tray from a used-up eyeshadow to mix a bit of the teal powder and clear nail polish. (I’m not a hoarder, I swear! I just knew someday the little tray could come in handy.)

It looked great!

So I went for it and added some eyeshadow into the clear polish bottle.


The color was not as intense with one coat as it was in the first experiment, but no one uses only one coat of polish anyway. I could have added more color, but in the end I didn’t need to because it looked perfect with the second coat.

As you can see from the top image, I still have tons of this eyeshadow left. I probably will be sick of the color by the time I finish the bottle I made, but at least I will have got some use out of it … finally!


This super-simple project got me thinking: what other shadows or blushes do I have around that would look neat on nails?

I dug around and found a couple of other loose eyeshadows I just know I’ll never use up, so I plan to make custom nail polish out of them, too. I also have a jar of shimmery body powder that I think will look really pretty on my nails as a sheer gold color.

Then I came across some broken powder blush and shadow. I’ve been meaning to fix them, but first I’ll put some pieces in tiny containers and completely crush them for future custom polish. I want to add two or three of the blush colors in one bottle to see if I can achieve a marble effect. I think it will work if I don’t mix it up too much. For example, just giving the bottle a roll or two on its side.

I’m also going to try a marble effect with the ancient teal blue shadow. I have a full round of shiny copper eyeshadow that will also never get used (I’m slightly embarrassed to say I actually bought this one!), and I think the two almost-complementary colors will look neat together.

If you make your own custom nail color, send in pictures. We’d love to see what you come up with!

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Do your share! ; )
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