11 Ideas For Recycling Old CDs That Will Add Sparkle To Your Home

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… And Even Your Wardrobe!

Back in the ’80s when audio CDs were first introduced, who ever thought the small, slick discs would ever become obsolete? (Vinyl lovers, that’s who, but the question was meant rhetorically. 🙂 )

If you’re like many of us whose music now resides in some kind of digital storage, you probably have a bunch of CDs just gathering dust — and taking up space.

Don’t despair. And definitely don’t toss them! Instead, recycle them into beautiful objects. Their flashy finish adds iridescence and shine to frames, lamps, and even clothes.

Now that’s music to our ears!

# 1

diy cd mirror frame

Plain frames gain flashy sparkle thanks to a CD-mosaic treatment.

Mosaic Mirror Frame


diy cd mirror small

Another Mosaic Mirror Frame

# 2



CD mosaic birdbath before and after

A battered birdbath is beautifully transformed by cut-up CDs.

Mosaic Tile Birdbath

# 3


Talk about fancy feet!

CD Decorated Footwear 

# 4

cd mosaic table

With the addition of sparkly CD “tiles,” this ain’t your grandmother’s antique table!

CD Mosaic Mahogany Table Top

# 5

rat cd sculpture avery


hummingbird cd sculpture avery


This is beyond the realm of most of us, but Australian artist Sean Avery creates stunning sculptures using CDs.

Sean Avery Sculptures

# 6

cd blouse collar

Add dazzle to an otherwise dull top.

Fashion Collar

# 7

cd flower pot

Old CDs jazz up a cheap plastic flower pot.

Mosaic Flower Pot

# 8

iris cd art

Recycled CDs in the shape of an iris decorate a wall.

Wall art

# 9

CD diy collar necklace

This necklace’s pieces were composed symmetrically, but you could also make it in a random arrangement.

Collar-style Necklace

# 10

data lamp cd discs

Above, a pendant lamp shade from German design company YeaYea.

The pendant light is made ​​of 100% DATA used CDs. The CDs are mechanically crushed and then subjected to heat welded together in a mold. Uses no additional adhesives or resins.

You can fashion something similar with a lamp kit, glue and low-heat light bulbs, or decorate a plain shade with CDs.

Designer Pendant Lamp


cd lamp

What a cool desk lamp!

CD lamp

# 11

giant lizard sculpture made from cds, Vincci Soho, Madrid

More old CDs as art. This enormous lizard hangs on the facade of the Vincci Soho Hotel in Madrid. On a smaller scale, you can create your own sculptural CD wall art. Image credit

We hope this roundup has inspired you to make good use out of your old CDs. Show us your CD-recycling handiwork by posting pix on our Facebook page. Remember to like our page while you’re there and if you enjoyed this post, please share. Thanks!

h/t: Earth Porm, Bored Panda, CrookedBrains

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