14 Crafty Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

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Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving With These Easy DIY Craft Ideas

These DIY Thanksgiving decorations from Country Living magazine are affordable and easy, and will make your home warm and welcoming for guests during the holiday.

welcome chalkboard

Pale Pinecone Ornaments

This twist on the traditional fall decor accessory are light, bright, and look beautiful dangling from your chandelier by colorful velvet ribbon. But start early — getting these babies bleached could take a week.

In a bucket make a solution of two parts bleach and one part water. Submerge pinecones for 24 hours, place a heavy plate or similar on top to keep them under the water. Rinse and set outside to dry until the pinecones open up again, which could take up to a week, depending on the weather. (Pressed for time? Your craft store may have bleached pinecones)

For each pinecone cut 1 yard of velvet ribbon into a ¾-yard piece and a ¼-yard piece.

Using hot glue, adhere the end of longer ribbon to the base of the pinecone. Tie the shorter ribbon into a bow, and adhere it with hot glue to the base of the pinecone. (See photo.)

Tie the bleached pinecones to chandelier arms and cut off excess length.

bleached pine cones

Copper Fruit Centerpiece

It is not gilding the lily to cover artificial pomegranates with copper leaf! It’s a festive look that will last.

Insert wooden skewers into the craft fruit and coat them with gilding adhesive. Stick the skewers into a piece of Styrofoam to keep them upright. Let dry until the adhesive is tacky, which should take about 7 minutes.

Apply sheets of copper leaf to the pomegranate as per manufacturers instructions until it is covered (about 2 sheets). Here they’re displayed in a pretty casserole dish, but you could choose a bowl, a tray, a cake stand or basket.

gilded fruit

Box Grater Luminaries 

What a “grate” idea! It’s easy to set the mood with vintage box graters and flickering LED candles. Arrange at least three on a tray or mirror, and add more flameless votives and your favorite autumnal pieces, such as acorns (pictured), pinecorns, leaves, twigs, gourds or berries.

box grater luminaries

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