See How DIY Dad’s IKEA Hack Created the Ultimate Kids’ Bed {VIDEO}

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Son Didn’t Want a ‘Big Boy’ Bed Unless it was ‘Awesome’ …

We say, mission accomplished!

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Many parents can relate – their growing child reluctant to leave the cozy comfort of his or her familiar crib for a more appropriately sized kids’ bed.

After much resistance, Eric Strong’s son agreed to give up his crib-to-toddler bed only if in exchange he got the “most awesome bed ever.”

Up for the challenge — and needing the crib for his little daughter — Eric dreamed up this ingenious creation, using as inspiration some of his son’s favorite things, such as playgrounds, pulleys, rolling-ball sculptures and a well-loved book.

This is the result: a loft bed with a slide, a pulley and crane, a ball run, a secret chamber with a hidden lookout window that’s lit inside by color-changing LEDs, storage baskets, bookshelves, and even an escape hatch!

Ikea Hack Kids' BedImage: Eric Strong

Eric used IKEA’s Kura bed, Trofast storage system and Besta shelves, and then a second Kura bed just for parts. He says with patience anyone can hack IKEA products. He didn’t even draw up plans!

The secret chamber door opens by a pulling up on a specific book, just like in movies.

ball chute

His son can drop balls down a chute that eventually drop out the side.


ball exiting chute

While in his hidden chamber, his son — or his teddy bear : ) — can secretly sneak a peek at the world by sliding open a little lookout window.

And no need to worry about kids getting trapped underneath. Eric devised a second exit behind those bins.

escape hatch

Added bonus, this incredible bed was relatively inexpensive compared to any retail bed that could compete for the title of “most awesome ever.” Strong told the Huffington Post that he spent about $850 on the project.

And apart from a few odds and ends from the hardware store, it’s all constructed from the IKEA pieces. Even the color-change LED lights are from the Swedish furniture giant.

If this bed-slash-playground isn’t awesome, we don’t know what is. But one thing’s for certain, Eric’s in contention for the most awesome DIY dad title!

See more about the making of the bed in the video below. What do you think of his creation?

Source: Huffington Post and Eric Strong’s YouTube video

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